The Treasure Hunters & Skill Seekers Part 2

Name(s): Ciara and Charlotte – collectively, the small but mighty Derivco Isle of Man HR Team 😊
Job Title: HR Manager and HR Assistant
Derivco Office: Derivco Isle of Man

 What does a typical work day look like for you as a recruiter?

 Charlotte: It varies from one day to the next. Derivco Isle of Man is expanding, and fast! A typical day for me can include anything from interviews, attending recruitment fairs, or even hosting our own open evenings!

Ciara: A lot of our time is also spent talking to candidates, finding out more about them and telling them more about what we do. Good communication between us and potential Derivco employees is very important to us; we strive for a stress-free and enjoyable recruitment experience.

What is your favourite snack/drink/food to have while you’re working?

Charlotte: Chocolate definitely powers our office, we need that sugar boost to keep us going! Ciara tends to have a stash of biscuits in her desk at all times (just in case!)

Ciara: We’re both big fans of food, so having lunch delivered every day is a treat!

What is your favourite thing about working for Derivco?

 Charlotte: Working at Derivco is an experience like no other! You are met with different challenges every day and I’m forever learning new things and thinking on my feet.

Ciara: We work with a fantastic group of intelligent and likeminded people who love what they do, which makes it easier to convince people that Derivco Isle of Man is the place to work. You are listened to and encouraged to think beyond all boundaries, which means you can reach your potential.