Derivco Sweden: Together to the top

If there is one way to promote health, wellness and team spirit, it’s to climb to the peak of Sweden’s highest mountain. This coming September, that is exactly what Derivco Sweden plan to do. They will pack hiking gear, lace up hiking boots and climb to the top of the 2106 metre-high Kebnekaise; Sweden’s highest mountain. They will be challenged. They will be tested. They will meet obstacles. But together they will push past their limits and reach the top of Kebnekaise; an experience that they will never forget.

Together to the top: a four-day teambuilding ‘retreat

“In Stockholm, we have a culture where we continuously encourage our people to take on new challenges to grow, to embrace failure and learn fast from them,” said Maria Holden, General Manager.  “We take responsibility for our actions and collaborate closely to achieve a common goal. We use this recipe in our day-to-day business to build great teams and a great product. This is why we’ve chosen to embark on this four-day adventure,” she said.

Maria hopes that by the experience will further strengthen team bonds, cultivate open communication, improve trust and respect as well as inspire and motivate our people to continue doing what they do every day at Derivco Sweden: their best job building sportsbook platform.

Promoting health and well-being

Derivco takes employee well-being and health seriously. We believe that if our people live a healthy, stress-free and satisfying life, they will be able to produce their best at work. Healthy people have high morale and motivation which reflects in productivity, and results in less staff turnover, absenteeism and health care insurance costs.

“By doing this trip we hope to keep the already existing energy among our employees alive – maybe even give it a boost,” said Marcus Adolfsson, Chief Product Owner at Derivco, and the man who came up with the idea. “Did you know that simply by being in nature people feel happier, stronger, healthier and more innovative? Being in a natural setting is also greatly beneficial to stress-reduction. All it takes is merely look at a garden, trees, the sky or taking a walk to lower stress levels and heart rate,” he said.

So imagine standing at the foot of a mountain and taking in the sheer size and beauty of the spectacular landscape around you.  Imagine the fresh air, blowing winds, and the sound of singing birds and running water. Take in the silence and tranquillity. Feel how your body and mind suddenly feels re-energized, de-stressed and healthier simply by being in nature.

Envision how it would feel to reach the top of that mountain together with your team. At Derivco you can.

We are Derivco Sweden

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