My First Month at Derivco IOM

Adam, you’ve been with us a whole month, congratulations! Tell us, how have your first 31 days at Derivco been?

I can’t believe it’s been a month already, it has absolutely flown by, which must be a good sign 😊 My team (and everyone else here for that matter!) have been so welcoming since day one and I feel I have settled very quickly, which is so important when you join a new company. My first impressions of Derivco is that it’s very comfortable and relaxed, like nowhere I’ve worked before. The work itself is fast-paced, but not hectic, which makes the work environment enjoyable.

What have you learnt in your first month?

I joined the Sportsbook team as an IT Support & Market Coordinator, meaning I’m first line response for any requests that come through to the engineers in my team, i.e. all support calls and ticket logging. The past month has been spent getting to know the team and learning how all our internal systems and processes work (still in progress!)

One thing I hadn’t realised prior to joining Derivco was just how big this company is. I’ve really enjoyed working closely with colleagues in our other offices, and it’s great to be working somewhere on such a global scale.

What have you most enjoyed since joining?

Getting to know my team has been great, both Sportsbook and the other IT Support & Market coordinators within the company. Everyone is so intent on ensuring good working relationships are in place, and it really shows.

I somehow managed to sign myself up for kettlebell classes in the gym within my first week, which are actually great fun (albeit tough!) and a good way of meeting colleagues that I don’t get to work with on a daily basis. We also have a monthly department-wide meeting, where we meet as a company on the last Friday of the month to discuss all updates and introduce any New Starters who’ve joined since the last meeting. These meetings are really interesting, and another good way of mixing with everyone.

It was my turn to introduce myself last week, which was as little nerve-wracking in front of 100 plus people, but I did it and can now say I’m no longer the newbie, as we’ve had 5 people join since me. Good luck next month guys! 😊