We take game play seriously

And it takes the best to make the best



We’re the master of all trades and jack of none. We design, develop, illustrate and animate. Our skilled teams divide the work and multiply the success.


Ideas! We love them. Big, seemingly-impossible-to-achieve ideas. We don’t reach for the stars, we search for alternative universes.


Show us what you know and we’ll return the favour. Work with some of the best minds in the industry. Embark on a knowledge adventure.


Break. Build. Construct. Play. We work with bleeding-edge technology and have the most fun trying out new things.

Together, we build castles of code

At Derivco, teamwork makes the dream work. There’s enough brain power here to fire a nuclear substation, and by putting our minds together there is nothing we can’t achieve.


Our people are...


Curiosity is the spark that fires the engine of creation. We query, we question, we poke and pry. We’re passionate about finding out what we don’t know.


We go against the grain. We prove people wrong. We don’t follow the rules, and we love pushing the envelope. We’re ambitious and we have BIG plans.


No other industry advances as rapidly as ours. To stay at the top of our game, we have to evolve as quickly as the technology we work with.


We know WHAT to do just as well as we know what NOT to do. This makes us the experts in our field.

Obsessive about quality

It’s all in the details, and we make sure we look at those with a magnifying glass. After all, why settle for something good when it can be great?

Open to change

They say change is as good as a holiday, which must mean we go on holiday a lot. To move forward, we embrace change like it’s our long-lost family member.

So, what’s in it for you?