Reasons why you might not want to work at Derivco

Despite being at the company for just four months, Astrid Bjorvig has already formed some strong opinions about Derivco. This Ipswich Operations Support Coordinator believes you shouldn’t apply to work here and is so passionate about the subject that she has decided to write a blog post on it. In the interests of objectivity, we’ve decided to go ahead and publish Astrid’s views. Read on to find out more…

Don’t work here. By Astrid Bjorvig

So! Looking for a job, eh? It’s a minefield out there, isn’t it? Except without the mines. Or much grass. Vegetation of any sort is actually quite sparse… So you’re ambling around, counting your steps on your fitness tracker, looking for an oasis that isn’t McDonalds; something that will provide you with sustenance, challenge, and a foot on the job ladder. Beer money would be nice, but let’s face it, you’d like a solid meal instead of 2 Minute Noodles for a change.

Well, I’m sorry to be the bearer of unfortunate news, but Derivco isn’t the place to go. Because once you’re in here, that’s it. You won’t want to leave. It’s like learning to scuba dive in the Maldives: nothing after that is going to compare favourably. You’d be entering at the pinnacle of the working life experience, and the thought of possibly being as happy anywhere else will be met with guffaws. New challenges? See what it’s like working somewhere else? Try your hand at different ways of working? Forget it, my friend. Because it quite simply doesn’t really get much better than this. (Although I do hear that Google HQ is a pretty cool place to work – that’s if you can breach the fortress.)

When I first started getting to know the folk at Derivco, they waxed lyrical about being “people-oriented”, “encouraging a healthy work-life balance”, “maintaining a flexible approach to working hours” – the kinds of things that tick a lot of boxes, but are often so difficult to put into practice. And we all know what it’s like to be told that it’s all hand-crafted in gold, only to find that they actually meant gold-plated, and you were royally hoodwinked, tut tut.

What I have found is that this place, this little gem of a beehive, has actually managed to pull off the “hand-crafted in gold” artefact. Can you imagine coming to work every day to a place full of people who actually WANT to be there? Derivco has successfully managed to cultivate a bright and friendly work environment, teeming with brilliant minds and vibrant personalities; the kind of place where you make good friends, and work alongside people who are enthusiastic, passionate, and engaged. Derivco’s vision of inclusive, supportive, collaborative, and flexible company culture has morphed into an environment that encompasses all that and so much more. There’s the usual array of perks, plus a good level of social engagement, team and company activities.

So, dear reader, if smiley-happy people annoy you, if you appreciate stifling, uncreative environments that will provide you with the impetus to move on at regular intervals, or if you are happy with just an average 9-5 that will pay the bills, move along swiftly please. Derivco isn’t the place for you!