It’s Wellness Week in the Isle Of Man!

Last week, we kicked off one of the most important initiatives in our calendar year…MGS House Wellness Week! Each year, we invite local businesses and various health service providers to make our office their home for a few days – to provide our workforce with a complete M.O.T!

To start the week, Dave Christian from Next Level Fitness carried out body composition tests on over 40 staff members. These tests provided staff with accurate readings of their weight, height, blood pressure, BMI, body fat percentage, lean mass percentage and a specific number of calories needed for weight maintenance and weight loss. This information came with ‘normal’ ranges to base results around, allowing for goal setting if required.

Our results confirmed one thing we were already sure of, we’re made of 90% coffee! 😊

Dave also provided an insightful talk on what he calls the ‘1% Club’. Dave is a firm believer of making small, sustainable changes to your everyday life which will over time lead to a healthier you. That 1% makes all the difference, and we picked up some great tips!

On Tuesday, the team from local optometrists Patricia Wild were in the office to test our peepers. 20 staff took the opportunity to have their eyes checked, which meant a full day of back to back appointments for the super team of opticians! As we work with computers every day, it is vital that we test our eyes on an annual basis to flag up any changes to our eye health.

Wednesday and Thursday saw two full days of appointments with nutritionist Angela Clucas, owner of Next Level Nutrition. Angela met with over 25 individual staff members for 30 minute appointments, reviewing food diaries and advising on various swaps or dietary changes that will help our staff reach their goals. From weight-loss to how to fuel the body properly for marathon training, it was all covered in these sessions!

Good nutrition is key to healthy brain function, which is so important in our mentally demanding and ever-changing environment. Our engineers need to be on top of their nutrition game at all times!

Alongside nutrition appointments, Lloyds Pharmacy were also in the office for two days providing diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure testing. These tests are like that of the body composition tests, whereby each participant was provided with their results and comparative ‘normal’ ranges.

These tests are crucial for flagging any underlying health problems, allowing us to prevent any health scares further down the line. Over 40 people had these tests taken, and all came out smiling!

On Thursday afternoon, Lianne provided us with an hour long pilates taster session. Pilates is known for improving flexibility and increasing muscular strength which is vital for good posture, especially when so much of our days can be spent sat at a desk.

To end the week, we invited Bev the Barista Express van to provide us all with delicious artisan coffee and treats. Well…it is Friday after all, and what’s Wellness Week without balance hey?

A huge thank you to all those who came in to provide our annual M.O.T! See you next year 😊