The Treasure Hunters & Skill Seekers Part 3

Name : Nicola Rogers
Title: Talent Acquisition Specialist

Typical work day:

My typical work day involves lots of speaking with people – constantly, which I love. The vast amount of talent in this industry is unbelievable, so to be talking to such intelligent individuals day in day out with such amazing ambition and drive is quite something special. What’s best, is I actually get to place these outstanding people into some of the most amazing roles here at Derivco – and once they start, don’t they know it! This place really is like no other, I’m yet to find someone who doesn’t have a beaming smile on their face every day.

Favourite food/drink:

I am very much enjoying the complimentary lunches here at Derivco and I am gradually working my way through the menu! I’m quite inclined to pick at the free fruit on good days and there’s always cake in the office for treat days! We have a few coffee machines in the office too, which are wonderful with a little bag of Malteasers! (Ok, that’s enough of my snacking secrets given away to you all, next question please!)

Best thing about Derivco:

Genuinely, the people here are fantastic! The vibe and openness of the office is unlike anywhere else I’ve worked, plus we’re a very social bunch. I very quickly felt quite at home here. Derivco also offers me great flexibility which works well for me juggling work and a busy family life.