Starting at Derivco IOM during lockdown

Rory Duckworth tells us about his first month with the team at Derivco Isle of Man as an IT Engineer – which he joined in the midst of lockdown.

Congrats on joining the team Rory! We’d love to hear how your first month with us was?

It’s been an amazing, unique experience and I can’t believe it’s already been over a month already. Starting work at Derivco Isle of Man during a global pandemic, with all of our people working from home, was something I’ve never experienced. However, it didn’t feel too different or unusual, as it was handled very well by all teams helping me settle in. Everyone was so welcoming and that made me feel at home. The helpful attitude and friendliness of everyone helped me to quickly get up to speed with all the systems and processes, without it feeling like information overload.

What have you learnt in your first month?

Joining Derivco as a new IT Engineer has been a fascinating experience so far, and I’ve learnt something new each day. I’ve spent most of my first month familiarising myself with the processes used, as well as getting to know everyone and their roles in this dynamic space. I really enjoyed and appreciated that no one minded my curious face peeking over their shoulders, asking questions about their work. Everyone is always willing to take the time to explain and this has made integrating myself into the team and their daily work a pleasure.

What have you most enjoyed since joining?

The most enjoyable part of joining the team is the people. The relationships you make at Derivco continue outside the workplace.

The environment here encourages you to just be you, and you’re surrounded by people who encourage you to think about problems and people from different angles, and this helps you become the best version of yourself. For me, this is what makes joining a company like Derivco truly unique.

The Friday get-togethers with my team has been a fantastic way to meet new people and interact on a social level. If I haven’t met anyone yet from any of the teams, please do come and say hello, you can usually find me by following the loudest laugh in the building!

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